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Mithilesh Vazalwar is the winner of the National Barista Championship 2022. Photo: Mithilesh Vazalwar

Meet Nagpur’s Mithilesh Vazalwar, India’s National Barista Champion 2022


Hailing from Nagpur, Vazalwar recently won the most prestigious coffee award in the country. Now as he prepares for the world championship in September in Australia, Mid-day Online spoke to the certified coffee expert to learn where he sees India’s evolving coffee culture and the importance of his win

26 September,2022 04:23 PM IST
Organza saree, Kanjivaram and belted-saree. Image credit_Saurabh Shah and Riddhi Mehra

Navratri 2022: Here’s your key to donning a saree with style and comfort


With evolving fashion trends, sarees can now be styled in a number of ways perfectly blending style and comfort. If you are planning to add sarees to your list of Navratri fashion ideas, here are some tips to keep a check on

26 September,2022 02:05 PM IST
Chef Vinayak Patil uses barnyard millet to make a sama rice cutlet to relish during Navratri. Photo Courtesy: Butterfly High

Navratri 2022: Four food recipes you should try this fasting season


If you are scratching your head about how to plan the food you are going to be eating during this fasting period, then don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. Making use of makhana, sabudana, sama rice, quinoa, Mumbai chefs say you can innovate with a lot of dishes this Navratri

26 September,2022 12:47 PM IST
Students attend a class at Jasudben ML School, Santacruz. File pic

Maharashtra govt wants kids to get some sleep!


Acknowledging that sleep is important for students of lower classes, the state education department is contemplating changing school timings for pre-primary and primary sections

26 September,2022 07:10 AM IST
Educationist Vijay Dhar is behind the opening of Srinagar’s first multiplex, INOX. He is photographed a day ahead of the inauguration of the multiplex comprising three auditoriums with a capacity of 520 seats. Dhar used to run Broadway Theatre, a 750-seater single screen theatre in Sonawar. Most cinemas in Kashmir have remained closed for the last 30 odd years. Pics/Getty Images

Kashmir before militancy shut down entertainment


As a multiplex opens in the Valley, the first theatre in 33 years, those in showbiz tell the story of what it was like before militancy shut down entertainment

25 September,2022 11:05 AM IST
City-based life and career coach Farzana Suri says one must first assess where they spend their time throughout the day and then make a to-accomplish list, not just a to-do list. Image for representational purpose only. Photo courtesy: istock

Unable to complete daily tasks at work? Experts share quick tips to manage time


With work piling up every day at the office, it is often hard to complete tasks on a daily basis. With the four-day week being discussed and the possibility of it making people work longer hours in a shorter time, experts share how one can manage time and stress to complete tasks properly

24 September,2022 05:51 PM IST
Dhiraj Visariya`s Ambika Book Centre has been catering to readers for the last 30 years in Mahim. Photo Courtesy: Manjeet Thakur/Mid-day file pic

This Mahim bookseller aims to sell books for Rs 100 to promote reading


Dhiraj Visariya has been managing the bookshop in the western suburb for roughly 30 years and through it all has seen his readers grow through thick and thin and that is what keeps him going every day

24 September,2022 12:44 PM IST
The debate on four-day work week policy in India gained momentum with the Centre proposing new labour codes in 2021. Image for representation: iStock

Me-time Friday? HR professionals, employees weigh in on the four-day work policy


With the ongoing trials in UK, the four-day work week pattern is back in discussion. Mid-Day Online reached out to companies and talent management professionals who have initiated the process

24 September,2022 09:02 AM IST
Taxis parked at Mahalaxmi, south Mumbai, in 2021. Pic/Ashish Raje

Mumbai: Maharashtra govt assures hike, taxi-auto unions call off strike


Unions say govt has agreed to hike the fares of taxi to Rs 28 and auto to Rs 23

24 September,2022 07:10 AM IST
Leftover food is often ignored and maybe thrown away at a later stage but Mumbai chefs say a lot can be done if we look closely. Image for representational purpose only. Photo Courtesy: istock

Don’t know what to do with leftover food? Mumbai chefs share tips


Did you ever think you could make bhajiyas with leftover rice, or use leftover gravies as a base for homemade soup? There`s a whole world out there for your leftover food that you usually ignore. Or at least that`s what Mumbai chefs tell us

23 September,2022 01:25 PM IST
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