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Twitter is changing. Are you all right?

Five of the microblogging site’s most effective account holders regale us with stories of using it to influence snowballing change and what they’ll do if Musk leaves it unrecognisable

27 November,2022 12:30 PM IST | Mumbai | Team SMD
Sunday Mid-Day

For Sir JJ School of Art, Architecture and Design the ‘De-Novo Deemed University’ tag might be the one last shot they have at reviving its flagging legacy, but the roadblocks are too many

27 November,2022 10:40 AM IST | Mumbai | Jane Borges
Sunday Mid-Day

After Kerala HC observed that even marriage of Muslim minors will invite POCSO charges, women from the community who’ve experienced the horrors of marrying young, hail move; say it’s high time that this practice was treated as a crime

27 November,2022 10:52 AM IST | Mumbai | Yusra Husain
Sunday Mid-Day

LinkedIn is no longer about hiring or finding a job. It’s gone from a straight jacketed experience to a jazzed-up professional platform, which is about creating intelligent content that positions you as a brand. When did this happen?

27 November,2022 12:31 PM IST | Mumbai | Heena Khandelwal
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